Born in Skopje in 1993. Graduated as painter and graphic designer at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 2016.

After graduation, she actively worked and participated in several competitions in the field of graphic design (2015 – she won the 3rd prize for poster design on the theme “750 years since the birth of Dante Alighieri”; designed the official poster for the International student theater festival “Skomrahi” and a poster for the 8th international student competition “Skopje Poster” on the theme “Enabled for disabled”; 2017 – best design for T-shirts at the “Open challenge” call of the TEDx Center for Social Innovation in MK).
She has illustrated a large number of books and brochures, and since 2008 she is responsible for graphic design in the association “Art Point – Gumno”.
Since 2011, she has participated in numerous residencies, workshops and projects in the country and abroad (USA, Spain, Slovakia, and Kosovo). In 2013, she individually created a 8m x 2m high Mural at the Davidson County Community
College; Lexington, North Carolina, USA. In 2018 she created a 6m x 2m high Mural at GTC City Shopping Centre Within the project
“The Beautiful City”.

Solo exhibitions:

2013 Lexington, North Carolina, USA, “Asolare” Fine Arts Foundation
2017 Skopje, Macedonia, Museum of the City of Skopje – “FАCES”
2018 Demir Hisar, Macedonia, Cultural Educational Centre “Ilinden”
2019 Velestovo, Macedonia, Exhibition for the 31st edition of “Velestovo Poetry Night”
2019 Skopje, Macedonia, MKC Gallery – “Night at the Gallery”

Group exhibitions:

2014 Skopje, Macedonia, “Mobile Gallery” – an interactive project with the ABS group from Serbia
2015 Skopje, Macedonia, MKC – “Skopje Poster”
2016 Skopje, Macedonia, Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts – “Art that lasts”
Peć, Kosovo, “Enjoying Heritage and Diversity”
Samorin, Slovakia – “DunArt”
Skopje, Macedonia, an open-air exhibition – “It is easier to breathe underground VI”
Skopje, Macedonia, Macedonian Opera & Ballet Lobby – “FASHION & LIFESTYLE EXPO II”
Skopje, Macedonia, Museum of the City of Skopje – “Triennial of the Graphic workshop
SOPHIA, Bogdanci “
Skopje, Macedonia, Multimedia Center Mala Stanica – “Young art 2016”
2017 Skopje, Macedonia, MKC – “PRVO PA ZENSKO V”
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gallery of the Art Academy – “Triennial of the
Graphic Workshop SOPHIA Bogdanci”
2019 New York City, International group exhibition “Pepper”, Gallery MC
Ljubljana, Slovenia, Paintings and drawings exhibition, Gallery Celica